June 2024 Newsletter: Digital Rights Foundation raises alarm over Technology Facilitated Gendered Surveillance on the rise in Women’s Spaces

May 2024 Newsletter: DRF successfully completes the inaugural Digital Literacy and Citizenship Bootcamp

April 2024 Newsletter: Digital Rights Foundation released its Cyber Harassment Helpline Report for 2023

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February 2024 Newsletter: Nighat Dad at the Munich Security Conference

January 2024 Newsletter: Digital Rights Foundation launched its Election Desk

December 2023 Newsletter: DRF holds Countering Digital Threats and Building Resilience of Communities Conference

November 2023 Newsletter: DRF begins its 16 Days of Activism Campaign 

October 2023 Newsletter: Nighat Dad becomes a member of UN’s new Artificial Intelligence Advisory Body

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August 2023 Newsletter: DRF joins the Global Network Initiative (GNI)

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June 2023 Newsletter: DRF at RightsCon 2023

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March 2023 Newsletter: Advancing Democracy and Internet Freedom in a Digital Age

February 2023 Newsletter: Nighat Dad at UNESCO’s Internet For Trust Conference

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September 2022 Newsletter: DRF's Nighat Dad at the Ministerial Summit for Information and Democracy

August 2022 Newsletter: Digital 50.50 Edition on Threats and Harms of Gendered Disinformation

July 2022 Newsletter: NCHR, DRF and CEJ hold Consultation on Challenges faced by Women Journalists in the Media

June 2022 Newsletter: Digital Rights Foundation launches its first Digital 50.50 for 2022

May Newsletter 2022: DRF releases Cyber Harassment Helpline Annual Report 2021

April Newsletter 2022: DRF launches Annual Report 2021

March 2022 Newsletter: Women Making Waves: DRF celebrates Women’s Day this March!

February 2022 Newsletter: DRF Launches its Pro-bono Legal Network to Support Women and Girls Experiencing Gender-based Violence Cases.

January 2022 Newsletter: DRF Launches 5th Edition of Digital 50.50; Feminist E-Magazine on GBV

December 2021 Newsletter | 16 days of Activism Campaign with Ministry of Human Rights, 2021

November 2021 Newsletter: DRF Hosts its 8th National Privacy Conference in  Islamabad on the 24th of November, 2021.

October Newsletter 2021: Launch of Hamara Internet Website: A Digital Safe Space for Women

September 2021 Newsletter: Cyber Harassment Helpline receives 576 complaints

June, July and August 2021 Newsletter: DRF launches Digital 50.50 on Online Freedom of Assembly and Association

May 2021 Newsletter: DRF Commemorates World Press Freedom Day 2021

April 2021: DRF Commemorates #GirlsInICT Day

March 2021 Newsletter: DRF hosts National Privacy Conference in the COVID-19 era

February 2021 Newsletter: Understanding the Cyber Harassment Landscape during the COVID-19 Pandemic

January 2021 Newsletter: DRF Conducted Advocacy Campaign on WhatApp’s New Privacy Policy

December 2020 Newsletter: DRF shares statistics around Instances of gender based violence in Pakistan for the #16DaysOfActivism campaign

November 2020 Newsletter: DRF marks the 16 days of activism on violence against women

October 2020: DRF launches First Edition of E-zine 'Feminist Movements Go Online in Pakistan'

September 2020: Digital 50.50, third edition released

August 2020: DRF launches the Digital Detox Campaign

July 2020: Digital 50.50, second edition released

June 2020: DRF launches Digital 50.50 e-magazine

May 2020: World Press Freedom Day

April 2020: Online Campaigns and Initiatives

March 2020: Launch of IWF Pakistan reporting portal

February 2020: DRF in collaboration with the World Economic Forum conducted the Mobilizing and Inspiring Action with Technology 2020

January 2020: DRF released its latest report on fake news

December 2019: Digital Rights Foundation conducts its Sixth National Conference on Privacy: #PrivacyIsARight

November 2019: Launch of the Freedom on the Net Report

October 2019: Wiki Gender Gap Editathon in Islamabad

September 2019: DRF’s team retreat

August 2019: 66 women’s rights, human rights, digital rights and feminists groups endorse statement on internet blackout in Kashmir endorse statement on internet blackout in Kashmir

July 2019: DRF team and CFWIJ met with Minister of Human Rights regarding online harassment of journalists

DRF at the conference on “Standing Up against Online Harassment of Women Journalists – What works?” at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris

May 2019: DRF celebrated World Press Freedom Day on 3rd May 2019 

April 2019: DRF releases Annual Report 2018

March 2019: DRF released its report on 'Female journalists in new media: experiences, challenges and a gendered approach'

February 2019: DRF launches Ab Aur Nahin - a legal portal for survivors of harassment and abuse

January 2019: DRF releases research on “Ride-Sharing Apps and Privacy in Pakistan: A detailed study on the practices of Uber and Careem”

December 2018: Digital Rights Foundation launched “Cyber Harassment Helpline: Two Year Report”

November 2018: DRF launched it’s #16Days of Activism

October 2018: Digital Rights Foundation at the Consultation on the rights to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and of Association in the Digital Space

September 2018- Digital Rights Foundation at the UN General Assembly

August 2018 - A study on the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA)

July 2018 - Digital Rights Foundation releases Hamara Internet application

June 2018 - The Government of Pakistan introduces bill for data protection legislation

May 2018 - Online safety of journalists and press freedom are imperative for countries to thrive

April 2018: First Conviction Under Pakistan's Cybercrime Act

March 2018 - Women's March in Pakistan and the continuum of misogyny in online spaces

February 2018 - Mobile Networks Shutdown declared Illegal in Pakistan

January 2018 - Big Month for Advocacy as DRF Engages with Government  

December 2017 - One Year of the Cyber Harassment Helpline Countering Online Violence

October 2017 - DRF drafts Policy Recommendation for the Data Protection Legislation

September 2017 - The Team Traveled Far & Wide Talking About Digital Rights

August 2017 - Nighat Dad Represents the People of Pakistan at TED Global

July 2017 - Of Data Protection, Women's Rights, Harassment, and Helpline

June 2017 - Pakistan Struggles as Civil Liberties Stifle

May 2017 - Of Challenging Online Violence, Preserving Digital Rights and Internet Freedom

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March 2017 at Digital Rights Foundation

February 2017 - Fake News, Obscenity, and Cyber Harassment

Internet Freedom, Public Threats, and the Year Ahead