November 2018: DRF launched it’s #16Days of Activism

October 2018: Digital Rights Foundation at the Consultation on the rights to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly and of Association in the Digital Space

September 2018- Digital Rights Foundation at the UN General Assembly

August 2018 - A study on the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA)

July 2018 - Digital Rights Foundation releases Hamara Internet application

June 2018 - The Government of Pakistan introduces bill for data protection legislation

May 2018 - Online safety of journalists and press freedom are imperative for countries to thrive

April 2018: First Conviction Under Pakistan's Cybercrime Act

March 2018 - Women's March in Pakistan and the continuum of misogyny in online spaces

February 2018 - Mobile Networks Shutdown declared Illegal in Pakistan

January 2018 - Big Month for Advocacy as DRF Engages with Government  

December 2017 - One Year of the Cyber Harassment Helpline Countering Online Violence

October 2017 - DRF drafts Policy Recommendation for the Data Protection Legislation

September 2017 - The Team Traveled Far & Wide Talking About Digital Rights

August 2017 - Nighat Dad Represents the People of Pakistan at TED Global

July 2017 - Of Data Protection, Women's Rights, Harassment, and Helpline

June 2017 - Pakistan Struggles as Civil Liberties Stifle

May 2017 - Of Challenging Online Violence, Preserving Digital Rights and Internet Freedom

A Glimpse into the Month of April '17 at Digital Rights Foundation

March 2017 at Digital Rights Foundation

February 2017 - Fake News, Obscenity, and Cyber Harassment

Internet Freedom, Public Threats, and the Year Ahead