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January 18, 2021 - Comments Off on December 2020 Newsletter: DRF shares statistics around Instances of gender based violence in Pakistan for the #16DaysOfActivism campaign

December 2020 Newsletter: DRF shares statistics around Instances of gender based violence in Pakistan for the #16DaysOfActivism campaign

Online Campaigns and Initiatives

16 Days of Activism

#16DaysOfActivism is an annual, international campaign against gender based violence. This campaign is spearheaded by the UN. This year’s theme revolved about online gender based violence, and DRF’s campaign highlighted the disturbing trend towards online violence in Pakistan, and has also laid out interventions, and solutions to this problem.


Instances of gender based violence in Pakistan

During the 16 days of activism campaign DRF also recorded the cases of violence against women, minoors and transgenders in the country. 190 incidents of violence took place in the country since the horrific motorway case.


DRF, Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) and Freedom Press Unlimited (FPU) launched a mini web series on the infodemic in times of COVID19. The #SahafatAurSachayi series focused on different aspects of fake news in times of the pandemic and what must we do in order to counter misinformation and disinformation online.

The Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016

DRF started an online campaign with the hashtag PECA 2016 in which the current state of digital rights in the country were discussed in detail. The campaign highlighted how legislation around digital rights has changed and the ways in which this legislation is giving irrevocable power to state institutions.

Policy Initiatives

Social Media Rules threaten the internet

DRF, in a campaign around the new social media rules, highlighted how these new set of rules will threaten the internet and digital rights in the country. DRF along with other digital rights organisations in the country have been opposing these rules and highlighting their draconian implications if implemented.


Digital Detox and Self Care

2020 has been a difficult year for journalists and rights activists due to which DRF published it’s toolkit on digital detox and self care. The toolkit highlights how a digital cleanse is important and and the need to address burnout and fatigue.

Link to digital detox and self care of journalists and rights activists:

Wiki Gap challenge results

DRF with a collaboration with the embassy of Sweden, Media matters for democracy and UN women announced the winners of the WIKIGAP challenge in Pakistan. In one month editors from across Pakistan created and translated 400+ articles of Pakistani women.

Media Coverage

Objectionable trends on Twitter, Urdu News:

In an article on Urdu News, Nighat Dad discusses the perpetuation of objectionable Twitter trends, especially those targeting female public figures, and how it has a negative impact on political discourse.

Too many apps can spoil online learning, The Express Tribune:

In an interview with the Associated Press Pakistan and the Express Tribune, Nighat Dad discusses the potential of educational or learning apps for young students, stating that they can prove to be a good accessory to formal learning rather than a total substitute for it.

Has social media regulation increased in Pakistan? - Aaj News

In an interview with Aaj News, Nighat Dad discusses the ramifications of increased social media regulations and monitoring in Pakistan, especially in terms of the right to privacy and expression of the millions of users across the country.

Combatting the COVID19 Disinfodemic: A situation analysis for Pakistan - Mehwish Batool

In this report, written by Mehwish Batool, Pakistan’s response to COVID-19 related fake news and the spread of the disinfodemic were discussed in detail, in addition to making numerous policy interventions to circumvent this problem.

Combatting the COVID19 Disinfodemic: A situation analysis for Pakistan

Nighat Dad Interview with Kiran Butt (Capital TV):

In an exclusive interview with Capital TV, on “What’s the Buzz” with Kiran Butt, Nighat Dad discusses the impact of the new online harm rules and social media regulations on content creators, journalists and influencers.

Events and Sessions

Nighat Dad at Asia21 Summit ‘ Digital Security Issues in South Asia in the era of Pandemic’

In a policy roundtable for the Asia21 Summit, Nighat Dad discusses the state of Pakistan’s online regulations and its potential policy implications for the governance of digital spaces.

Nighat Dad at panel discussion on “End Violence Against Women and Girls” by Oxfam

In a collaborative event for Oxfam, on ‘End Violence Against Women and Girls’, Nighat Dad advocated for the protection of the Freedom of Speech and Media Freedom for journalists, in both online and offline spaces, and the protection of women from violence in all of its manifestations.

Looking Inward: 2020, and the way forward - tweetchat

In a Tweet Chat with the Digital Rights Foundations’ key project managers, innovative and modern solutions to digital rights issues were discussed, under the ambit of the ongoing global pandemic.

Nighat Dad’s Live session on 16 days of activism against gender based violence with the US consulate

DRF’s Nighat Dad spoke in a live session on 8th December on account of the 16 days of activism against gender based violence. Nighat focused on online violence and digital safety of individuals and why it's important to keep one's privacy settings strong.

Nighat Dad at NDI’s #ChangingTheFaceOfPolitics podcast series

In a podcast for the National Democratic Forum’s Changing the Face of Politics series, Nighat Dad discussed the opportunities and barriers of the digital space for politically-active women, and her experience as an activist fighting for women’s rights in Pakistan. (

A lecture on cyber harassment: UCP Law Society

In a lecture on cyber harassment for the UCP Law Society and the UCP ACM Student Chapter, Nighat Dad discusses the importance of identifying instances of cyber harassment, and creating legal safeguards for women and minority communities facing threats of violence in online spaces - and how they can often manifest into threats of violence in the physical world.

Mentoring for Civic Hackathon 2020 hosted by Code for Pakistan

DRF took part in mentoring for Code for Pakistan’s Civic Hackathon in December. Team member Shmyla Khan mentored young students and entrepreneurs on apps dealing with public safety, particularly women’s safety.

Rapid Fire Chat: “Feminist Superstars, Smashing the Patriarchy”

In a panel discussion for the Rapid Fire Chat series, Nighat Dad discusses the role of women in Pakistani society, and how the glass ceiling can be shattered by empowered women and a reversal of predetermined patriarchal gender roles.

Nighat Dad Panel Interview with UN Women on “Online Violence Against Women in Asia - A multi country study”

In a panel discussion with UN Women on “Online Violence Against Women in Asia”, Nighat Dad discussed the implications of a lack of safety for women in online spaces, and its potential ramifications in the offline world.

Nighat Dad Panel Interview with UN Women, DoctHERs: Online Safety for Healthcare Workers

In a panel discussion on the “Online Safety for Healthcare Workers”, Nighat Dad articulated the importance of digital security and online safety, especially in the midst of a global pandemic.

Responsible media is key for responding to violence against women and the COVID-19 Pandemic

In a webinar with GNMI, Nighat Dad discusses the role of ethical and responsible journalism in tackling issues pertaining to violence against women, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic - with a diverse panel including senior journalists, human rights defenders and parliamentarians.

COVID-19 Updates

Cyber Harassment Helpline

Cyber harassment helpline is now available 5 days a week from 9 am to 5 pm through its toll free number and social media platforms.

You can contact the helpline on 080039393 or email us at [email protected] between 9 am to 5 pm (monday - friday).
Ab Aur Nahin

In times of COVID19 domestic abuse is at an all time high where victims do not have anywhere to go. Ab Aur Nahin is a confidential legal and counselor support service specifically designed for victims of harassment and abuse.

IWF Portal

DRF in collaboration with Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and the Global Fund to End Violence Against Children launched a portal to combat children’s online safety in Pakistan. The new portal allows internet users in Pakistan to anonymously report child sexual abuse material in three different languages- English, Urdu and Pashto.

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