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DRF envisions a place where all people, and especially women, are able to exercise their right of expression without being threatened. We believe that free internet with access to information and impeccable privacy policies can encourage such a healthy and productive environment that would eventually help not only women, but the world at large.

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Digital Rights Foundation aims to strengthen protections for human rights defenders (HRDs), with a focus on women's rights, in digital spaces through policy advocacy & digital security awareness-raising. In addition, one of our aims at the Foundation is also to protect women from work and cyber-harassment that they have to deal with through out their lives. We make them aware of their rights.

With growing privacy concerns on digital spaces, DRF seeks to increase awareness about privacy issues & defend the right to privacy by research, monitoring and reporting the tactics around surveillance. To rally with other actors for strong legal protection for privacy in the country and to raise our voice against dictating censorship policies, we intend to propose viable solutions to the government.


Nighat Dad

Nighat Dad is the Executive Director of Digital Rights Foundation, Pakistan. She is an accomplished lawyer and a human rights activist.Nighat Dad is one of the pioneers who have been campaigning around access to open internet in Pakistan and globally. She has been actively campaigning  and  engaging at a policy level on issues focusing on Internet Freedom, Women and technology, Digital Security and Women’s empowerment. Ms.Dad has been recently included in Next Generation Leaders List by TIME's magazine for her work on helping women fight online harassment.

She tweets at @nighatdad

Adnan Ahmad Chaudhri

Adnan Ahmad Chaudhri is a research associate with Digital Rights Foundation. His focus is on promoting digital rights, the right to privacy, and tackling online harassment. He has a background in archaeology and history.

Sehar Dad

Sehar maintains and enhances DRF's human resources by planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices.


Being a not-for-profit organization, DRF functions because of people like you who care about the world they live in and want to affect the lives of others.

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