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May 15, 2020 - Comments Off on April 2020: Online Campaigns and Initiatives 

April 2020: Online Campaigns and Initiatives 

Joint Statement by Digital Rights Foundation and BoloBhi: The Digital Gap During the COVID-19 Pandemic is Exasperating Inequalities

DRF and BoloBhi released a statement regarding the impact of the digital gap during the COVID-19 pandemic and the exclusions that will arise in terms of class, gender, geographical location, ability, and digital literacy.

Read the full statement here:

Joint Statement by Digital Rights Foundation and BoloBhi: The Digital Gap During the COVID-19 Pandemic is Exasperating Inequalities

Girls in ICT Day 

DRF launched an online campaign for Girls in ICT Day on 23rd April to encourage more women to be part of the tech industry. The day emphasizes the need for women to be a part of the ICT sector and how women's access to technology is still limited and hindered. DRF asked women in tech about their experiences in tech and why it is important to keep online spaces safe and inclusive for women.

International Women’s Day: Media4Women 2020 Campaign

 DRF joined the global campaign with 48 partners from 21 countries committing to putting gender equality in the media on the local and international agenda. The global theme was Inclusive and Equal Portrayal of Women by the Media.

DRF’s campaign involved a design competition and quotes from network members on the problematic gender stereotypes portrayed by and in the media. The cash prize for the design competition was PKR 15,000, which was won by Amara Sikandar. Here’s her painting.  

About her design, she said, “Media plays an important role in promoting inclusivity and should put in all efforts to include their perspectives and talk about their rights as a step towards them having their lawful rights.”

Cyber Harassment Helpline 

The helpline’s toll-free number is finally operational. Thanks to the PTA, our number is operating remotely, helping our team to continue practicing social distancing while also assisting you all out too! You can now call us from 9 am till 5 pm, Monday to Friday, or email us on [email protected].

IWF Portal

Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) in collaboration with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and the Global Fund to End Violence Against Children launched a portal to combat children’s online safety in Pakistan. The new portal allows internet users in Pakistan to anonymously report child sexual abuse material in three different languages – English, Urdu, and Pashto. The reports will then be assessed by trained IWF analysts in the UK.

The new portal can be found at

Ab Aur Nahin

In times of COVID19 domestic abuse is at an all-time high with women having nowhere to go and ask for help.  Aur Nahin is a confidential legal and counselor support service specifically designed for survivors of abuse. We provide a comprehensive directory of lawyers around the country to provide you with the support and assistance you need. You are not alone, and you do not need to fight alone.

Media Engagement

Spread of Disinformation has increased during lockdowns

During COVID19 disinformation is putting lives at risk especially when it is repeated and amplified by influential and political leaders, it puts true information at the risk of having an only marginal impact. Our Executive Director Nighat Dad  shares her thoughts about fake news in times of the pandemic.

Events and Sessions

Digital Security During The Pandemic

On 23rd April, DRF alongside our friends at ‘Bolo Bhi’ held an Instagram live session to address concerns following a rise in phishing attacks and sextortion emails. The session was moderated by Bolo Bhi’s Kashaf Rehman and our digital security expert and communications lead, Arslan Athar represented DRF and answered questions regarding digital safety during COVID 19.


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