Welcome to Digital Rights Foundation's Events area. The team is constantly working hard to ensure digital freedom and safe access to the internet for the citizens of Pakistan, and this space is where we'll be sharing all the updates on our events and activities with you!

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March 2017

March 2017 at Digital Rights Foundation

March 2017 started on a wonderful note for Digital Rights Foundation, with Internet Freedom Festival scheduled in the first week of the month. The activities kept escalating for the team, from Open Government Partnership Consultation event scheduled in the mid of March, to Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Submission by DRF, Submission for the report of UN Secretary General on the safety of journalists on the issue of impunity, submission to UN Office of the High Commission of Human Rights on the situation of Digital Gender Divide in Pakistan, RightsCon Summit during the end of the month, Women's Day campaign, and events and seminars conducted and attended by the team throughout the month. Read here.

Yet Another Year at RightsCon, and It Was Big!

Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) was at RightsCon - the world leading 3-day event to discuss the future of the internet - organised by Access Now from March 29 to March 31, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. During the event, DRF hosted four sessions that discussed different issues relating to the safe and fair access to the internet. As mentioned here, the sessions reflected on what all DRF had been doing the past whole year. Read details here.

We’re Coming to RightsCon2017 and It’s Going To Be Big!

Every year, Access Now brings together digital rights activists from around the world in the world's leading event for the future of the internet - RightsCon Summit. And Digital Rights Foundation is thrilled to announce that just like the past few years, we'll be hosting a series of sessions at the conference this year and they'll be the reflection of what the team of DRF has been busy with in 2016. Details of the sessions hosted by DRF can be found here.

Digital Rights Foundation at Internet Freedom Festival, 2017

Digital Rights Foundation participated in and was a partner at the Internet Freedom Festival (2017) held from March 6th to March 10th in Valencia, Spain. The primary agenda of the meeting was “joining forces to fight censorship and surveillance”. The main themes for the event were community, training & best practices, internet freedom: present and future, tools & technology, regions & groups, communications & design and journalism & media. Details here.

April 2017

4th PITB Round Conference

Nighat Dad and Shmyla Khan from DRF attended the TechHub Connect: 4th PITB Roundtable Conference at Arfa Software Technology Park, Lahore on April 6, 2017. The Conference brought together stakeholders from the tech industry, government and civil society on one table. The IT Census was discussed along with the need for a taskforce from civil society. DRF raised questions of the need for a data protection policy and greater gender parity within the tech sector.

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A Glimpse into the Month of April ’17 at Digital Rights Foundation Theme

A legislation called Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA), which was enacted in the name of securing people of Pakistan struggles to solve issues pertaining to digital spaces. A lot of times, people don't know who to turn to if they encounter any unpleasant incident online. This problem amplifies when citizens don't know their constitutional rights. Digital Rights Foundation was engaged in the series of sessions and events throughout the month of April to talk to people from different backgrounds about their digital rights and aimed at empowering them with the information needed to raise their voices against injustice and to demand their rights as the citizens of Pakistan. Read here.

May 2017

Digital Security Clinic

Digital Rights Foundation setup its first digital security clinic at Digital Youth Summit 2017 happening in Peshawar, Pakistan from May 5 - 7, 2017. During the summit, the expert team of DRF will be providing digital security assistance to the attendees, and also talking about the importance of digital rights and privacy in today's world.

"Digital Rights and Online Harassment in the Global South" at Harvard University

Nighat Dad spoke about "Digital Rights and Online Harassment in the Global South" at The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University on May 3, 2017. Nighat's talk focused on how people in the South are unaware of their digital rights. They, especially women, face online harassment and have no support to handle the trauma that comes with it. She also emphasized on the fact that cyber threats very often translate into offline consequences.

Nighat shared the process of setting up Pakistan's first Cyber Harassment Helpline with a very limited budget for the survivors and victims of online harassment. She alse highlighted the stats of the helpline in the first 4 months of operation since its launch in December 2016. The talk in its entirety can be watched here: [YouTube Link]

Hamara Internet: Challenging the Evolving Threat of Online Violence

Digital Rights Foundation is organising a conference on "Challenging the Evolving Threat of Online Violence" as part of its project Hamara Internet. The event is scheduled to take place on May 25, 2017 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The conference will explore issues of online harassment and gender-based approaches to the internet. DRF also plans to introduce its yearlong quantitative study on electronic violence against women, using data that was gathered through sessions that were conducted under the Hamara Internet project, in collaboration with Making All Voices Count (MAVC). The agenda for the event can be found here.