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November 30, 2012 - Comments Off on DAY 3 | VIOLENCE & MOBILE PHONES | WHAT’S THE STORY?


Mobile phones have often been forwarded as an affordable solution to enabling internet access, especially for those from developing. According to recent research, there are currently 6 million mobile subscribers worldwide, which is equivalent to 87% of the world’s population. Women aged between 35 to 54 are apparently most active in mobile socialization, and women and girls from different parts of the world are choosing to spend their money on mobile phones and services because they see the value it brings to their lives – from connecting with their community to finding out about relevant information to improving their income to engaging with public and political life.

But how is violence against women taking place through the use of mobile phones? How is this affecting our ability to access and use technology freely for our everyday needs, interactions and in the exercise of our rights? What can we do collectively to respond to these issues?

These are quotes from some of the stories that have been shared by different women and girls on the Take Back the Tech! map. The stories help us to understand the different aspects of the issue, and what we need to do to address it.

Take some time to read the reports on the Take Back the Tech! map. Give recognition to the survivor. Build our collective testimonies. Share your story.

If you are on Twitter, post some of the harassing messages you have received before on your mobile phones. Or tweet about your experience. Document. Make it visible. And demand change. #16stories #takebackthetech

Find out more about some of the safety risks related to mobile phone use, and somepractical strategies we can put into place to address them. Take Back the Tech!


Thanks to the Tech Back the Tech! campaign.