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May 20, 2015 - Comments Off on Join The Global Feminist Hackathon, In Memory of Sabeen Mahmud

Join The Global Feminist Hackathon, In Memory of Sabeen Mahmud


Digital Rights Foundation and Hamara Internet are joining hands with WECREATE Center Pakistan, to participate in the first Global Feminist Hackathon being held on May 23rd 2015, in loving memory of Sabeen Mahmud. We dedicate this inaugural Global Feminist Hackathon to Sabeen and to all those who fight against injustice and discrimination around the world. As Sabeen once said, “I love and cherish that technology has the potential to change lives. We need to devote ourselves to making enabling tools and technologies accessible to more and more people.”

The session will address the current digital legal landscape in Pakistan, concerns with the proposed cyber crimes bill, and the sharing of digital tools and skills to make online spaces safe for women in Pakistan. If you are in Islamabad and want to join us, please contact us at [email protected]. We also encourage you to join and conduct your own activities dealing with gender and technology, privacy and surveillance, digital security, the hacking of gender roles in technology, or anything else related to technology and human rights.

Sabeen was a symbol of the kind of Pakistan that we want to leave for our children, an icon of free thought and progressive ideas. Let us take her vision forward.

Please share this information widely among your networks and register your activity at the following link by May 23rd:

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