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April 3, 2017 - Comments Off on Digital Rights Foundation at Internet Freedom Festival, 2017

Digital Rights Foundation at Internet Freedom Festival, 2017

Digital Rights Foundation participated in and was a partner at the Internet Freedom Festival (2017) held from March 6th to March 10th in Valencia, Spain. The primary agenda of the meeting was “joining forces to fight censorship and surveillance”. The event was a brought together digital rights activists, software developers, digital security trainers, communication professionals, journalists and designers from around the world bringing together their varied experiences and perspectives. The main themes for the event were community, training & best practices, internet freedom: present and future, tools & technology, regions & groups, communications & design and journalism & media.

Panels hosted by Digital Rights Foundation:

Surveillance from the Margins: Different Experiences of Surveillance

The panel discussed the different ways in which surveillance and surveilling agents discriminate on the basis of identity. The discussion revolved around the ways in which surveillance is experienced differently on the basis of gender, race, class, sexuality, ability and political/ideological views.

Nighat Dad (DRF)

Bill Markzak (Citizen Lab)
Thenmozhi Soundararajan (Equality Lab)
Cheekay Cinco (Digital security trainer)
Stephanie Lacambra (EFF)

Taking Matters into Our Hands: Addressing Online Harassment

The panel discussed the different tools and strategies developed in different contexts to address online harassment. The discussion was action and policy-oriented, looking to discuss solutions. DRF talked about the successful launch of its Cyber Harassment Helpline and shared its work around tackling online harassment with an international audience.

Nighat Dad “(DRF)

Shauna Dillavou
Lindsay Beck (OTF)
Meerim Ilyas (UAF)
Meg Hood

Data protection law and its different manifestations

The panel discussed the different kinds of data protection laws all over the world. The discussion was pivoted towards potential legislation in countries where there is a dearth of laws or inadequate legislation.

Nica Dumlao (EngageMedia)

Mohamad Najem (Smex)
Nighat Dad (DRF)
Wafa bin Hussain (AccessNow)
Sarath M S  (SFLC)


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