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October 10, 2018 - Comments Off on 5 Steps to Heal From a Traumatic Experience

5 Steps to Heal From a Traumatic Experience

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Have you ever been a victim of cyber harassment? Cyber harassment and other forms of distressing experiences can be traumatic to deal with. Trauma can make us feel disconnected and numb but that doesn’t mean that this will last forever.

Cyber harassment can create a negative connotation to one’s self esteem which causes them to doubt their self – worth. It can and does cause people to suffer from severe anxiety and depression. This can hamper with a person’s ability to lead a productive, happy and stable life. It adversely affects a person’s mental and physical health and can be hard to explain to other people what you are going through.

Healing is a choice that you SHOULD make. There is nothing better than having control over your own life and self. So, here are 5 things you can do that can make your healing journey easier:

Be willing to heal

Sometimes it is very hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but once you do, there should be no turning back. Healing from something doesn’t happen overnight, but it takes time. While you are on the road to recovery, do not give up, stay firm and know that things will get better and so will you.

Don’t give into isolating

When you’re trying to recover from a trauma, it is important not to completely isolate yourself. While it is necessary to have time alone to recollect your thoughts and emotions, it is also vital to take a break to connect with your family or other relationships that make you feel respected and secure.

Take it easy

When you are in your healing period, know that it is not going to be a straight road always. There will be times when you doubt yourself, when you feel like you won’t be able to live life fully again, but understand that having these feelings are normal. What shouldn’t be normal is when you give up or lose hope. Don’t doubt or beat yourself for having low moments rather be kind to yourself. Believe that this will pass, soon.

Avoid relieving the traumatic incident

Repeatedly thinking about the incident or viewing things that are related to an unfortunate experience can overwhelm you and put you in a negative zone that could make it tough for you to think clearly. It will be hard but always identify your negative thoughts and replace them with something else or distract yourself by doing something productive or talking to someone.

Consider seeking professional help

If you find yourself extremely struggling with your daily routine or have difficulty in carrying out day-to-day tasks then consider getting help from a mental health professional. People who get treatment are more likely to recover soon. Battling trauma requires effort but it is all worth it so you can live a fulfilling life again.

Furthermore, if you are feeling emotional distress or depression, you can always call us on our Cyber Harassment Helpline (0800-39393) which functions from 9 am till 5 pm everyday and we will assist you to the best of our abilities.

Author :  Asma Parvez

Published by: Digital Rights Foundation in Blog

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