Cyber Crime Bill 2015


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Earlier this year the Prevention of Cyber Crime Act 2015 was propsed in Pakistan. This draconion legislation threatened to shake the basis of freedom of speech and access to information in the country. Digital Rights Foundation, along with other activist organisations, worked hard to make sure the ills of the bill were highlighted and it was ammended before passing. Due to these efforts the topic trended on social and mainstream electronic media for a week. Finally a public hearning was held, which our Executive Director, attended. The bill has now been sent to a newly created sub committee for review. Below is a video expaining why the bill was so harmfull, made in collaboration with Asad J. Malik.

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You might remember a video I posted regarding online censorship a month back. It was shared quite widely and had over 25,000 views in a weeks time. It was an interesting experience reading people talk about it across Facebook.The situation with internet freedom, however, got much worse over the last month after a new cyber crime bill was proposed in Pakistan. The legislation in it's current form threatens basic rights like freedom of expression and access to information. I've joined forces with Nighat Daad of Digital Rights Foundation to produce this new video campaigning for a public hearing on the bill.The video will be shared directly with parliamentarians and will be screened tomorrow during the cyber crimes session at the Digital Youth Summit in Peshawar.We need to create a stir online to get the issue up again, so let's spread this post further. Here's how you can demand your rights:

Posted by Asad J. Malik on Thursday, May 7, 2015