The Digital 50.50, introduced by Network of Women Journalists for Digital Rights, is a feminist magazine for women journalists and writers which aims to serve as a tool for providing our audiences with insights and experiences from the digital world which all may learn and to provide a venue for educated discourse on digital rights.

Digital 50.50 will be a monthly e-magazine, which will open a call for article submissions at the start of the month on different topics.  If you are interested in joining us for this, you can share your pitch to:
Maryam Saeed at 

We will appreciate innovative submissions, such as thoroughly researched info-graphics, vlogs, picture stories etc that can cater to digital audiences using a wide range of mediums. You are welcome to bring in innovation and fresh ideas. We will get back to the shortlisted journalists and writers who can then submit their final piece 

Submittal Requirements for articles 

Each article submitted needs to be provided as follows:

  • Electronic form using Microsoft Word.
  • Email article submissions to
  • Include a cover email with the author’s name, complete mailing address and telephone.
  • Please submit a brief biography of the author with present employment, title(s), designations, digital photograph if you want it uploaded with your writing.
  • Article – The article should be between 1,500-2000 words. If the author believes the article needs to be of a different length, then they should communicate with us prior to submission. Your topic needs to be properly clarified and explained and if more words or pictures (should be 300 dpi at least) are required its usually not a concern.
  • The article must contain an overview paragraph of 2-3 sentences, an introduction, the body of the article and a conclusion paragraph.
  • Sources referenced must be cited using proper endnotes.
  • DRF’s focal person can be available to assist with topic suitability, article writing and additional assistance

All articles must be the author’s original work, and must not include any assignment-specific confidential information, unless authorization for release of the information is simultaneously provided with the article.