Internship Program

At Digital Rights Foundation we believe that it is integral to engage with the youth, especially students, on contemporary issues and figuring out innovative solutions that this modern world presents us with.
Currently, our intake of interns for 2021 is complete and our internship program for the year is underway. This year’s application cycle was incredibly competitive. Through the hundreds of applications we received, we shortlisted and selected the young people whose profiles are below.
Our interns for 2021 are an accomplished batch of young people who are dedicated and committed to working towards an equal and safe internet for all. You can read about each one of them below and find out the projects they are working on.
If you would like to work with DRF in the future, you can keep an eye out for our upcoming opportunities on our social media pages.

Amna Khan

Amna Khan is a liberal arts major at BNU. She is currently working as a Research Intern at DRF on issues relating to gender and online spaces.

Alina Yasir Mughal

Alina Yasir Mughal is a fresh graduate of Lahore School of Economics where she majored in economics and finance. Gender related issues have been close to her heart as a student and now she is assisting as an intern with a research study being conducted at DRF related to online violence against women.


Mehrunnisa Nayani

I am Mehrunnisa Nayani, a student, a dreamer and a creative enthusiast. I am currently pursuing a degree in Economics, Media and International Relations. Aspiring to someday make a career in journalism, I strive to create my own horizons and not follow other’s

Hamza Waqas

Hamza Waqas is an activist, journalist, and student of liberal arts at Beaconhouse National University. He is interested in issues of public policy, urban planning and politics. He also has a keen interest in horticulture and sustainable farming.

Zain Rashid Channa

I’m a student of Literature & Journalism and as William Ernest puts it, “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul”

Abdur Rehman

Abdur Rehman is a Law senior at LUMS. He is mainly interested Constitutional and Human Rights issues.


Aiza Nadeem

Aiza Nadeem is a rising sophomore at the Lahore University of Management Sciences, hoping to major in History and Sociology. She is working with the Digital Rights Foundation on research on journalists’ rights in online spaces.

Huma Umer

Huma is a junior at NYU Abu Dhabi, majoring in public policy with a focus on global development and gender rights. She’s currently a research intern at DRF for the humanities and social sciences.


Laila Lorenzon

Laila Lorenzon is a brazilian International Relations student at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, currently working as an Energy Transition Intern in the British Consulate. Laila has a lot of interest in data protection and digital privacy themes, and has worked as a research intern in the CyberBRICS Project at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, with experience in themes related to digital and data protection policies and regulations. Laila was also choosen as one of the 14 embassadors of the Programa Cidadão Digital, created by Safernet in partnership with Facebook, with the goal to conduct activities related to digital rights and education, with public school students of Brazil. She was responsible for conducting more than 50 activities in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Espírito Santo with more than a thousand professors and students. She’s also a research at the Orti Oricellari Laboratory, with studies focused on international political economy issues, with geopolitical analyzes of the Middle East region.



Ayman is an Economics and Mathematics Senior at LUMS. He is part of DRF’s research team working on examining the gendered use of online spaces during COVID-19 in Pakistan, particularly social media.

Saad Rai Saad Ullah Khan

Saad is a recent graduate of the University of Oxford, where he completed his undergraduate degree in Geography. He has been President of the Oxford Forum for International Development, the largest student-run development conference in Europe. At DRF, he will work with senior research and policy team In developing fact-checking resources to combat misinformation and disinformation. He will assist the research team in narrowing down social media analysis tools. Monitoring, collection and analysis of data from social media platforms on issues of human rights and internet freedoms.

Amal Zahra

Amal is a rising Senior at Lahore University of Management Sciences, studying History, Sociology and Anthropology. Her areas of interest include storytelling, sustainability, education and gender equality. She will be working with The Digital 50.50 by writing, researching and illustrating.

Zaara Shafi

Zaara Shafi is a student at Lahore Grammar School. Zara is working on advocacy and outreach activities around digital Rights at DRF

Wafa Asher

Wafa Asher is a senior at LUMS, majoring in history. She organises around issues of gender and labour. Wafa is working as a Research intern with research and policy team at DRF.